I have been loving raw food desserts lately from coconut cream pie to coconut chocolate pudding and  pineapple dips. I decided it was time to make some raw food brownies. After a bit of searching, I realized that it seemed the most popular raw brownie on the web was from My New Roots. I couldn’t miss out on this one but wanted to add a little something else….When my granny made brownies she always iced them and topped them with chopped walnuts, so I knew I wanted to put a little icing on these bad boys. How convenient that they happen to be made mostly from walnuts, too! I wonder if my granny would enjoy this healthy version of a frosted brownie.

In other news, I just completed the Vancouver Sun Run this weekend! I’m feeling so proud of myself, as I had never run 10km before and this really pushed me to pretty much double the length of my regular runs. If you don’t know what the Sun Run is, it’s basically a 10km run that takes place each year in Vancouver. It’s the largest 10k in Canada and this year had about 48,000 people run it! It started to get tough for me around 8k, but my boyfriend stuck with me and I only ended up walking for less than a minute! Here’s a picture of us at the start line with our friends:

It seems that the most popular raw brownie recipe ever is from Sarah over at My New Roots. I used her raw brownie recipe and combined it with Lucuma Icing from Meghan Telpner. The combination was great. The icing has a sort of caramel-like flavour, which is amazing because all of the ingredients are so good for the body!