Blackcurrant Smoothie

I recently saw frozen blackcurrants when I was grocery shopping, and I had to buy them. I don’t think I’ve ever tried them before, and I thought they would make a fun smoothie ingredient! Blackcurrants are packed with antioxidants and high in vitamin C. I threw them into the blender with a few other simple ingredients and out came this delicious, soul-awakening smoothie.

I cannot get over the colour of this blackcurrant and cacao smoothie. It is literally the deepest purple…like amethyst. Which means that this smoothie is perfect for celebrating the crown chakra. It can be so fun to match nature’s colours in food with colours that represent different energies. You can use red foods to honour the root chakra and stay grounded, or yellow foods to honour the solar plexus chakra and self-confidence. Get creative!

I also love to use crystals to help balance energy.

Blackcurrant Smoothie 2

A chakra is an energy centre, and there are 7 main ones in our bodies. There are many more some say, but usually the main seven are spoken about most.

The crown chakra represents your highest chakra and it located at the top of your head. The crown chakra is associated with the colour violet/purple as well as white. The crystals commonly associated with the crown chakra are amethyst, and clear quartz. When your crown chakra is open and energy is flowing, you are directly connected to the Divine. You are capable of working miracles. The crown chakra is the level of the soul. From this chakra, you can truly feel the one-ness within the world and your connection to all beings. When your crown chakra is in a state of imbalance, you will experience a loss of this consciousness and feelings of loss of identity and purpose. You can use crystals like amethyst and clear quartz to help rebalance your crown chakra.

Go to a store that sells crystals and look for amethyst or clear quartz. Pick up a few pieces and find the one that you’re naturally drawn to. When you get home, cleanse the crystal. This helps to remove any negative energies that the crystal may have picked up. It can be done by ‘bathing’ the crystal in smoke from incense, running the crystal under water (be careful- you cannot do this with certain crystals that are water-soluble), or leaving the crystal outside under the full moon. There are lots of other ways to cleanse crystals but these are probably the easiest. Once your crystal is cleansed, you need to set an intention with it. Hold the crystal in your hands and focus on it entirely- sense the energy it holds. Close your eyes and set your intention- ask the crystal what you want to get from it, be grateful, and thank the crystal, and only be positive. For example, if you feel your crown chakra is unbalanced and you are feeling a loss of purpose and sense of self, you can ask the crystal to guide you to your purpose and re-connect yourself with the higher Spirit. Once you have set your intention, always thank the crystal with something like,  “I sense your powerful energy, and I thank you, I will use it for only the highest purposes and only the most positive energy will work through you.”

You can use crystals in meditation by placing them directly onto your body while you meditate. For example, using amethyst or crystal quartz by placing it directly on the top of your head as you lay down and meditate. Or even just placing them around you.

I hope you enjoy this smoothie, and it’s soul-awakening powers and I hope that maybe you’ll give crystals a try, too! 😉

Blackcurrant Smoothie 3

A simple smoothie packed with antioxidants and vitamin C from frozen blackcurrants.


  • Banana – 1, frozen
  • Frozen Blackcurrants – 2/3 cup
  • Raw Cacao Powder – 1 Tbsp
  • Almond Milk – 1 cup
  • Chocolate Protein Powder (optional) – 2 scoops

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.