Wow, November already!? This year is flying by…I already have my midterms for cooking school this week and have yet to practice or study. I guess that’s my task for tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, mine was lots of fun though I’m definitely not feeling to good today….I dressed up as a military pin up girl, and my boyfriend went as the military man. I love dressing up!

We also carved some pumpkins- Parker did a skull, and I did a ghost. We are very skilled carvers and it was the highlight of Parker’s year 😉

creepcake 10

Creepcake 8

I also spent quite a bit of time this week making cupcakes. I used Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book and made some spooky “Creepcakes”. These were so fun to make and super tasty. I used her basic yellow buttermilk cupcake recipe and it was fantastic- comes together quickly and I froze them for about 2 days before icing them and you would never know. The icing was a really nice Swiss Meringue Buttercream which I had not made before. It was rich with butter but I enjoyed the buttery flavour, instead of the usual ‘sugar flavour’ in normal buttercreams. It was a nice change to try! The only problem I have with Martha Stewart Cupcake recipes is that I rarely eat them. I usually have a taste of the batter, and then maybe half of a mini cupcake to make sure they taste okay. I just can’t deal with the amount of eggs, sugar, and white flour used. That’s a totally personal opinion about health and my diet, but these recipes are fabulous if I am making a treat for other people who don’t mind treating themself to a big dose of sugar, or that eat eggs, etc.

My favourite one: