Day 10- YUMMY Breakfast!!

Today was one of the first days we didn’t have 1000 things to make, and therefore it was relaxed, and we could really learn! I enjoyed today, especially because I could try a bunch of the dishes!
We started off making batter for the sweet crepes, which had to rest for an hour. While that was happening, I made French toast from start to finish and we got full marks! Not bad for my first try!
After that, myself and a friend got to work on some Country Style Scrambled Eggs- full marks again!
As a group we made a Tex-Mex Frittata which wasn’t so good…..overcooked chicken and overcooked eggs!
While Chef was tasting that dish….the fire alarm went off in the building! We are in a giant building full of offices and such, and we had no idea where the ‘fire’ was. So after being told on the announcements to stay put, while the lobby and 2nd floor evacuated, the firemen discovered it was a false alarm. That spiced up the class a bit!
When things calmed down it was actually the perfect time to begin cooking our crepes, and MAN WERE THEY GOOD! I have eaten crepes, but I have never made them myself before. They are SO easy and absolutely delicious. We really had the freedom with this dish to top them with whatever we wanted. One group made whipped cream and served it with strawberries, another group made blackberry whipped cream, and we decided to keep it very simple- a drizzle of fresh lemon juice and some powdered sugar. This combination actually made the crepes taste like shortbread cookies. They were so buttery, and creamy tasting that if I didn’t know any better I would have thought they were jam packed with sugar! If you ever want a lower-fat option for crepes, instead of stuffing them with chocolate, or whipped cream, try the lemon/powdered sugar way- you will not be disappointed by this flavour enhancing combo! We got full marks for this beautiful breakfast!

After all of our cooking was done, we actually had time to watch a full episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. It was actually very educational- there was a really nice restaurant with the absolute best-of-the-best ingredients, and top French chefs…but no customers. This was to due the overcomplicated flavours and hard-to-read menu. Chef was really trying to teach us that sometimes simplicity is better and that the key to a great restaurant is not always the best of everything, but making what you have with simple, delicious flavours.