Today was GRAIN day, and it was quite an interesting day for the whole class! We recently switched groups and some are clicking whereas others are….not so much. We made several dishes including Spaetzle, homemade fettucine, tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, gnocchi,  saffron rice, rice pilaf, and risotto milanese.

I tried Spaetzle for the first time which is a German dish and is sort of an egg noodle-dumpling thing. I can’t say I’m a fan of it…but I just googled it and it looks a LOT different from the one we ended up with!!

The fettucine was delicious and I was so excited to make homemade pasta- it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. It was great, and I loved the alfredo sauce. I used to eat fettucine alfredo at almost every restaurant my family would go to as a kid, but I haven’t had it in years! We got a great mark on this dish.

Our tomato sauce and gnocchi also scored us full marks! IT was so fun to make gnocchi, but you can really see how the shaping is an art. It’s tough to get even, uniform shapes and little lines!

After one failed attempt, our risotto turned out nicely, though borderline undercooked. We were rushing a little bit to reach our deadline, after having to scrap our first try!

The saffron rice was so aromatic and really unique, full of cardamom, saffron, and other great spices. We did well on this dish.

Then it was time for the rice pilaf….a dish I may have made a small HUGE mistake on! I might have accidently cooked the rice in two cups of wine instead of two cups of chicken stock…a fact I didn’t realize until after I had gotten home from class. We couldn’t figure out the weird flavour the rice had and why it was slightly dry and hard. Now we know…it’s a mistake I will NOT be making again, but I couldn’t help but have a solid laugh at it when I realized. Funny enough, we actually did okay on this dish! Our chef told us that we used to much wine- guess he didn’t know the recipe didn’t have wine in it! Oh, did I mention I also used the wrong type of rice. Better luck next time!