I can honestly say that dill pickles are literally one of my favourite things in the entire world, and they always have been. I have been known to polish off a jar in a day or two the odd time, and it’s mandatory that they are always in my fridge. They are essential after a night of a few too many drinks, and I have always said that they cure any stomach ache I may have. I also used to drink the pickle juice when I was little but that’s a different story….

My mom found a recipe for ‘overnight’ pickles, and we were super stoked to try this recipe out. Neither of us have any idea of how to can or preserve anything, so this seemed like the best solution for us to try homemade pickles! We picked up some pickling cucumbers at the grocery store, found a couple of mason jars, and began our pickling mission.

It literally took ten minutes to make these pickles, and we were patient enough to wait 2 or 3 days before eating them. Not going to lie- jar one was gone in a matter of minutes. They were delicious and they have a great crunch to them! My dad loved them, too, and hinted that we better go by some more cucumbers! You can play around with the vinegar that you use, and experiment with leaving the cucumbers whole, or slicing them. I liked sliced better!

Easy Overnight Dill Pickles

  • pickling cucumbers, washed, and sliced or left whole
  • enough jars for the pickles to fit in
  • fresh dill
  • garlic, thickly sliced
  • 1 tbsp mustard seeds
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 cup white wine vinegar
  • 1/8 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup sugar

Fill jar with fresh dill, garlic, and pickles. Boil the remaining ingredients in a saucepan, until sugar and salt are dissolved. Pour mixture over pickles and close jars. Place in the fridge for a day before eating.

  • evan

    Trust us. We know our dill pickles. These are INCREDIBLE! So crunchy, so full of flavour, and so easy to make. Now, if a jar would only last longer…but we all love them so much!

  • Wow, I never made pickles…it sure look yummie!

  • my son is a pickle-lover…your post is so encouraging.. I think I’d like to try my hand with making some…

  • I have really been wanting to try this! Someone on-island is selling pickling cucumbers that looks great. Now I know what to do with them!

  • Mmmmm. I LOVE pickles so much. I can understand why these were eaten up so quickly!!

  • Wow they look really fresh and tasty. Love that you and your mom tried this for the first time together :).

  • I also am in love with pickles, any kind will do.
    Whenever I go home I always raid my mother’s cold cellar. Maybe it’s that I have been in Korea too long, but I can enjoy a pickle on the side of any meal.
    Your look great and I love how easy they are too make. I will have to check the stores here to see if I can find some of those ingredients.

  • vicky vanasperen

    I wanted to make sun pickles (I still might try….but they take longer to process and too long to wait to eat; I am going to try these because the shorter time and less ingredients. Thanks for the recipe; going to get the ingredients today hopefully!

  • You’re right, mom!

    Thanks Juliana!

    momgateway, that’s great! I hope your son likes them.

    Rowie, take that opportunity while you can- the pickling cucumbers can sometimes be hard to find!

    Thanks Jennifer!

    Thanks Xiaolu, yes, it was a team effort hehe!

    That’s great Cara! I wonder what sort of ingredients you’ll be able to find.

    Thanks for commenting Vicky, I hope you like them!

  • vicky vanasperen

    are you sure there is no water added to the recipe? It doesnt seem to be a lot of liquid to pour on the pickles….everything is in the jar, and waiting for this last step…..no liquid but the vinegar, right? in the ingredients there is no water with the rest of the stuff

  • Vicky, there is no water in the recipe. You may have to reduce the number of pickles you used if there is not enough liquid, or else double the recipe. Hope this helps!

  • Waw, I also never made pickles before in my life & these pickled cucumbers look like the real deal!!

    I must make this!

    I am still on holiday but I missed your posts so I had to come by & see your wonderful creations!

  • Jen

    I love this recipe! How long are they good for in the fridge? I did use water the first time, I didn’t read the recipe fully, and I didn’t see a dif!

  • I’m a crazy pickle lady, I love them. We’re growing kirby cucumbers now that I always pickle so going to try this!