Foodies of the World

a.k.a…..I’m in a cookbook! Woohoooo!

So my big announcement is the release of the book “Foodies of the World“. I was contacted several months ago by Slattery Media Group to be a part of this great project which features food bloggers from around the world sharing recipes and bit about themselves. I couldn’t believe they wanted me to be a part of this, I said yes without an ounce of hesitation! When they sent me some sample pages of how the book would look, I was overwhelmed- it was beautiful!

I love that this book is all about fellow food bloggers sharing recipes in a different way. We are so used to clicking onto the web, but there is something special about a new cookbook. This book has beautiful photography, and it’s all done by us food bloggers. It’s also a great way to learn some more about the food bloggers you know, and of course find some new blogs to follow! I’m soo excited and soo honoured to be a part of this great book. It’s finally here!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself or for someone you know, just click on the picture below!