Welcome to my first ever Koko’s Kitchen video tutorial! I am sooo excited to share this with you and to be able to start doing more videos like this. This first video is a raw foods basic skill. Young coconuts are in tons of raw food recipes, yet so many people think that opening a coconut is a super daunting task! I just wanted to take the time to show you how easy it is, so that you can make this raw coconut cream pie or this raw coconut chocolate pudding…well what are you waiting for!?

*I’ll make the video wide screen next time… #technicaldifficulties

**I’ve also posted step by step directions below

***I need a manicure

1. Get a young coconut. You can find these at health food stores, places like Whole Foods, or at Asian food stores. Also, get a sharp knife.

2. Turn your coconut on it’s side

3. Shave the husk down until you see and feel the brown inner part.

4. It should look like this. Now you are ready to find the 3 lines the coconut has.

5. After you have found the 3 divisions, locate the largest area. Depending on the coconut, this can be very easy…or slightly more difficult- just follow your heart 😉 . Luckily I picked an easy one!

6. Whack the heel of your knife into the largest area a few times. You should be cracking the shell.

7. Once you have made a nice little opening on the largest area, use your knife to pry up the ‘lid’ of the coconut.

Coconut water may splash….

Voila! There is your lovely opened coconut! Now pour the water into a glass for drinking, or a container for freezing.

Scoop out the meat with a spoon.

If you don’t want to use it right away, coconut meat freezes wonderfully.