Koko’s Kitchen 2010- A Recap

I thought I’d repost some of my favourite things that have appeared on Koko’s Kitchen in 2010. What an amazing year- from my big blog makeover (courtesy of my brother), to the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympics, getting my certificate in baking and pastry arts from culinary school, being published, to new jobs (including my first paid baking jobs), new friends, and new plans for the future. Here’s a little recap in food and photos:

Baked Spring Rolls

Sesame Sweet Potato Wedges

Canuckcakes for my fav boys

Vegan Dolmades

My new favourite restaurant in Whistler

A homemade birthday cake for myself and my friend Erika’s 20th birthdays

Made my first wedding cake ever! (and 100 cupcakes!)

Drank a POMtini or two…

Held a “Fall Dinner” for my friends

And held my first giveaway

There were parties for family and friends,

There was the Toby Keith and Trace Adkins concert,

I got a snuggie for my birthday….leopard print of course.

Then I got an apron for my birthday…..obviously I wore them at the same time. I’m cool like that.

I went kayaking on the River of Golden Dreams,

I turned into Yoshi,

I forced my brother to be in a picture with me,

I climbed a mountain and built an inukshuk on top!

I finished cooking school,

I wore my Team Canada hockey jersey for two weeks straight during the Olympics,

I even watched speed skating,

(had to snap a pic of Apolo Anton Ohno)

Whew! That’s all for now! I’ll be back tomorrow with some cute cupcakes.