Mesclun and Fresh Pear Salad

As you may have noticed the Cookbook of the Month is a book called Rebar. Rebar is a restaurant located in Victoria, British Columbia- just a ferry ride away from where I live! I actually haven’t been to Rebar though, but I’ve been eyeing this book in bookstores for a long time! I finally got the chance to use it when I took it out from my school’s library. I fell in love with it…I had to buy it!

One of the recipes I recently made from this book was a Mesclun and Fresh Pear Salad, with Brie, Hazelnuts, and a Blackberry-Thyme Vinaigrette. Man, was it good! I think this is the absolute perfect salad for late August, when you get the feeling that summer is turning into Fall. I also thought the addition of some roasted beets really added to this salad and matched the colour of the blackberry vinaigrette.