I went through a phase that lasted about a year and a half….I despised soup. I couldn’t even look at it without getting a gross feeling. It came from a bad experience with soup during a hospital stay and it took quite a long time for me to even consider eating it again. But it’s been a long time now and I can say that once again, I love soup!! My favourite type is thick soup, like butternut squash or even better…pumpkin! I cannot wait to make pumpkin soup this year- if that does not sum up autumn in a bowl, I don’t know what does!

Yesterday I decided to make a different kind of soup though, something a little bit lighter. I decided on “Monkey Minestrone” from “Eat, Drink, Be Vegan”. It was my first time making this recipe (and minestrone, actually!) and it turned out really well. It’s full of beans (3 kinds!), yummy tomato flavour, veggies, herbs and whole wheat macaroni. Unfortunately, I cannot share the recipe with you because I really didn’t change anything about it, except that I added parmesan. I made it un-vegan but it is good without the cheese as well. I just love the salty flavour that parmesan adds!