You wouldn’t believe the amount of things I had to take home from pastry class this week! We had so much food! The long-awaited truffle torte finally came home, along with apple turnovers and meat pies made with homemade puff dough. We also brought savoury croissants- ham & cheese and plain cheese. We made a charlotte russe which is a white cake, lined with homemade lady fingers and a gelatin mousse filling (I used a black currant/raspberry flavour). We also made creme brulee, and for some reason ours tasted like Mcdonalds vanilla ice cream! Can you imagine me standing on the train during rush hour trying to carry all of this and balance- whew! Not to mention the looks I was getting from other passengers….I could tell they wanted my cake 😉


As you can see, I made gigantic truffles, and they had started to melt by the time I got home!!