Quinoa with Sweet Chili Lime Tofu

This week I’ve really had the urge to make nice dinners for myself. Sometimes I am just too tired after work, but not this week! I recently was given a new cookbook and started a little project from it (more on that in a later post!) and then I got to work on dinner. I had some tofu in my fridge and I’ve really been trying to up the protein in my diet, so I was thinking about quinoa as well. After a quick search on Tastespotting, I found a delicious-sounding recipe from Vegan Yum Yum and adapted it. The result? A wonderful Thai-inspired dish packed with protein! The tofu was wonderful- I had never dry-fried tofu before and I loved the texture it took on. It was almost crusty on the outside and the glaze that coated it was deeeeeelish! It was great to pick some fresh lime from my garden, as well. I didn’t use a vegetable in this dish though, as I have been drowning in swiss chard lately (courtesy of the garden) and that was all I had on hand that would fit.

Thanks for a wonderful recipe Vegan Yum Yum!

  • MMMMMMM,…what a georgous & healthy yummie looking quinoa dish! Your tofu looks excellent too!

  • evan

    What beautiful pictures and lovely presentation! This looks so appetizing and healthy!

  • Wow, such a nice vegetarian dish…love quinoa, so now I have another recipe for it. Yummie!

  • Thank you Sophie, Mom, and Juliana!!!

  • The photo, the presentation are just amazing!!!! It’s truly awesome!

  • this is totally my kind of food

  • Thank you Zoe!

    Mine too, justcooknyc- I could eat this sort of thing every day for the rest of my life! I’m going to try to keep posting more healthy, yummy meals like this….and slightly less super sugary baked goods!!