Review- Creekbread, Whistler, B.C.

I loooove Whistler, and since I visit here often, I’m so excited that I’ve found such a fantastic place to eat at now. Creekbread not only makes delicious food, but I was amazed at the amount of organic and local ingredients they use. It seems like everything on the entire menu is made of top-quality ingredients, from nitrite-free and organic meats to fresh produce grown at local farms, and local, organic whole-milk cheeses.

This is the little 2nd floor:

The menu basically consists of an organic salad which comes with a blend of greens, arame seaweed, sesame seeds, celery, carrots, and a homemade raspberry vinaigrette. From there, you can really add whatever you can imagine on to your salad for a couple dollars more. The next option is their beautiful thin-crust pizzas that are cooked in a giant wood-fired oven. You can choose your base pizza and of course, customize it to your liking with their great ingredients. There are vegan pizza options, too! All the pizzas are available in 12-inch or 16-inch sizes.

I should mention that the tasty crust is made from 100% organic Candadian wheat, milled into white flour, and with the wheat germ restored. Creekbread is located at 2021 Karen Crescent in Creekside, Whistler.

I don’t look that happy here….I can assure you that I was very happy, though I had just been woken from a much needed nap- haha!

It was absolutely packed when we went in and I was happy to see that! There are two levels to the restaurant, as well as a patio and all were full. All the servers and hosts were really positive and it suited the friendly, community vibe that the restaurant has. Between my mom, my dad, and I, we ordered two salads and 1 16-inch pizza, and we had leftovers to take home. I love that they had great beverage choices, too (so happy to see plain, unsweetened ice tea on a menu- it’s always super sugary usually!) I took a look at the dessert menu, and they had some really nice options like a locally made pumpkin gelato with a gingerbread cookie cooked in the wood oven, or a brownie sundae, also cooked in the wood oven! Alas…I was already to full to indulge.

The salad was yummy, and I ate the one with goat cheese (which was really good) and the dressing was nice. I was hesitant when I heard it was a raspberry dressing, as I don’t like the super sweet fruity vinaigrette that lots of restaurants serve. I was pleasantly surprised to find it light in flavour and it went well with the salad.

The pizza…..ohhh, the pizza. To die for! This sealed the deal- I will absolutely be eating here again. We ordered the Whistler Community Creekbread which consists of tomato sauce, caramelized organic onions, BC grown mushrooms, whole milk mozzarella and asiago cheese on organic bread dough with organic garlic oil, and a sprinkle of organic herbs. The mushrooms had such amazing flavour- really woodsy and delicious. The crust was so thin and the tomato sauce was light and fabulous. I reaaaally enjoyed this pizza.

If you are visiting Whistler, I really recommend giving Creekbread a try- it feels great to know you are getting the best quality and sustainable ingredients when you are eating out. Creekbread also does something special on Tuesdays where they donate a portion of every Creekbread sold to a local non profit organization- so nice!!

On another note, tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I just had to share with you these awesome necktie-themed cakes– they are too cute to miss! Thanks to Matt for showing me these!

And two bonus pictures of my dog, Pepper, because I love her to death!

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  • Mmmmmm… Creekbread looks great. I’m going to have to make a trip to Whistler! 🙂

    And Pepper is absolutely adorable!!

  • Thanks Jennifer 🙂

  • MMMMMMM,…all of the food looks super tasty!!

    What a lovely review of this tasty palace of fine food! You have a cool & pretty dog!

  • Wow, what a nice place…and the food looks fabulous! Love the pictures, specially the doggie one 🙂

  • Candadian wheat? I can only wonder what type of yeast was used in the pizza dough?