Review- Taste of Paradise Cafe

Taste of Paradise cafe is located at 1399 Commercial drive. Upon heading inside you will notice that there are two or three restaurants in this one location. One side has pizza, pop, poutine, etc, and a smoothie/gelato bar, and on the other side is Taste of Paradise serving up Middle Eastern food. I was on the go and wanted some vegetarian takeout. I ordered the vegetarian plate to-go, and I wasn’t disapointed. It had a lot of food, was ready in just a couple of minutes, and tasted delicious. The man behind the counter was friendly and like I said, efficient.

The vegetarian plate contained 3 falafels (you guys know I love these!) and they were fried right in front of me….thankfully! I can’t stand pre-fried falafels!

It also came with tabouleh which was very nice.

The spinach pie wasn’t great, but I loved the dolmades.

Lastly, it came with a green salad which I enjoyed, tasty humus (you can’t go wrong with hummus!), and a big piece of pita bread.

If you hungry for falafel on the drive, try some from here. It’s not the nicest place when it comes to decor or ambiance, but you can’t go wrong with take-out.

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