Yuve Protein | Koko's Kitchen

Yuve Protein | Koko's Kitchen

I was offered a sample of Yuve Complete Nutritional Shake recently, and I couldn’t say no. I am always on the lookout for plant-based proteins and willing to try as many as I have to until I’m satisfied! I think the search might be over, though….Yuve totally blew me away.

It is chocolate flavoured with a little dose of chia seeds and an abundance of awesome other ingredients like broccoli, alfalfa, coconut, chlorella, maca root, and goji berries. It really is more than just a protein powder because of these other superfoods. It boasts 16 grams of protein per serving, which is quite a bit for a plant-based protein. The protein itself comes from a blend of pea protein, and brown rice protein. One servings contains 2 grams of sugar, and it is only sweetened with stevia leaf.

One of the most important (and best!) aspects for me was that I didn’t have to blend Yuve into a smoothie with a bunch of other ingredients to mask the flavour. I simply mixed it with plain, unsweetened almond milk in a shaker bottle and it tasted amazing. If I want a quick boost of protein after a work-out, but inbetween meals, making an entire smoothie throws my plan off. I can keep it simple with Yuve as it’s only 155 calories per serving, plus the almond milk, which keeps it in snack-range for me!

Lots of plant-based protein powders have a chalky aftertaste if they are made with brown rice protein, or an earthy aftertaste if they are made with hemp. Yuve had neither, and I found it very smooth to drink…aside from the chia seeds, which I thought added a cool touch! This shake honestly tastes like dessert, and I’m dreaming about how I could use Yuve in various recipes to bump up the protein content!

Yuve retails for $49.99 which works out to about $3.30 per serving which is comparable to other plant-based proteins, and I think completely worth it. I’m always happy to share new products and things I love with you guys. Yes, these samples were sent to me, but I would/will buy this nutritional shake without a doubt, and I hope that if you are inspired to give Yuve a try that you will like it as much as I do!