Rimrock Cafe & Oyster Bar- Whistler

I was up in Whistler this month, and it was beautiful as always. My family and I had the opportunity to go to a really amazing restaurant. I’ve been coming up to Whistler since I was little and I have seen this restaurant time after time, and always heard great things about it, yet we had never gone. Big mistake!!! The Rimrock features a menu focused on game and seafood, as well as a selection of oysters. I think you all know that while I don’t eat meat, I do love seafood. I was so excited to try this beautifully prepared food. *The pictures were taken on an iphone so they aren’t perfect…but they’ll do!

I started with the “miso roasted sablefish on a nest of vermicelli, cucumber, scallion”. Ohhh sablefish is amazing. It was cooked perfectly and it just tastes like butter. It was great on these noodles and I could have been happy with just this as my whole meal.

For the main course I had the “half lobster and scallop with with roasted squash risotto and almond beurre blanc”. The scallops were probably the best the I’ve had, and of course you can’t go wrong with lobster. The risotto was delicious, and I made sure that it wasn’t made with any chicken stock or anything like that. Delicious.

Both my parents ordered the “salmon, grilled with lobster mashed potatoes, a balsamic reduction and lemon beurre blanc”. It looked wonderful.

For dessert, we went with the sticky toffee pudding, and holy crap, it was to dieeeee for. It was sooooo good. I actually have the recipe for it and I’ll be posting it at some point, so you can taste this creation.

You can take a look at the menu here.
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