Society- Yaletown, Vancouver, B.C.

I recently enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Society, part of the Glowbal Group in Vancouver. It was a celebration for Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday (the same day!). We sat on the heated patio and although it wasn’t a terribly warm day, we were comfy and warm with the powerful heaters and fun pillows provided.

The family sampled some house made Kobe meatballs which had them all drooling. I started off with some  Society Style Buffalo Prawns, and they were delicious. They had just enough kick to them accompanied by a blue cheese dip and made for a great starter. I was hangry and may have snagged one before I remembered to take a picture!

I had to snag some of my brother’s hand cut fries- they looked tooo good! Trust me…these are some good fries. And I’m a girl with a lifelong weakness for fries 😉 I may have ordered an extra side of their house made ketchup, too- I’m a ketchup fiend!!

We also ordered a side of brussel sprouts, which might sound a bit strange, but I think any brussel sprout haters could be converted by these. Super tasty with lemon and capers…so crispy!

For my entree I ordered the wild mushroom pizza. The crust was thin and crisp, just how I like it. There was plenty of goat cheese on it which was great, too. I think it could have used a little something extra though, so I actually ended up putting some of their ketchup on it!!

Annnnnnd, if you are wondering what the crazy cocktail I’m drinking is, it’s a Cotton Candy drink. I dream of drinks like this. Order this drink, or their dessert sampler, “the junkfood platter”- you will not be sorry!!

Society isn’t overly fancy for a Yaletown restaurant, and it doesn’t claim to be a fine dining establishment, either. It’s a fun place for food with a twist, and there was quite a broad age-range when I was there. There is a lounge available for private parties (with it’s own bar and servers), although it is open to the public usually. The staff were fun and friendly, and the two pink chandeliers that light up the main space inside had me wanting to get my hands on them for my house! I can imagine having a fun meal here while watching the playoffs on the big screen inside.

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