This smoothie is a sweet sip of heaven. It’s a very satisfying morning item or snack thanks to the wholesome oats and nondairy yogurt. I’m actually not used to having these ingredients in my smoothies, and they turn a smoothie into a very filling treat. One ingredient I am used to using is almond milk. It’s been years since I’ve used anything else in my smoothies. I think almond milk provides the perfect base to any type of smoothie, whether it be made with fruit, chocolate, protein powder, or tea!


I think this makes a wonderful start to the day and best of all, it can be taken on the go! I imagine you could prepare a big batch of the tea and keep it chilled for use throughout the week. In the morning, simply combine all the remaining ingredients in a blender and you have a sweet start to your day. I have always found chamomile to have such a soothing aroma and flavor, and this smoothie still embodies that while adding sweet peachy goodness. I would never have thought to use tea in a smoothie, but I am kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier! Now I have all kinds of tea-infused flavor ideas floating around in my head. I love the honey paired with the chamomile, because that is what I would use to sweeten it, were it a cup of tea. I used a tablespoon of flaxseeds, and it didn’t take away from the flavor at all. I am sure a vanilla protein powder would be great, as well. I think you’re going to enjoy this…


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[Disclaimer: Silk provided me with their product for use in these recipes. All opinions are my own.]