The other night I had the pleasure of going out with some friends from work. It had been quite awhile (months!!) since we had spent time together outside of work. We headed downtown to experience the fabulous area of Gastown. Luckily, my friend Nicole is super trendy, and knows everything there is to know about Gastown! She took us on a little tour of a couple of her favourite places, and I’m so glad she chose to show us The Diamond.

The atmosphere in this bar is fantastic. Located on 6 Powell Street, you head right up a flight of stairs to the second floor. When you get there, the New York loft-style vibe just sucks you in! The dim lighting, tall windows, and brick walls are beautiful, and the bar looks super slick.

The cocktails are elegant and upscale, and are prepared by bartenders who clearly know what they’re doing. The service is relaxed and efficient, with food being served as it comes up. I found myself wishing that I had known about this place earlier…I can imagine it being a perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve, or Valentine’s Day, and it’s great for spending a casual night sipping cocktails with friends, as we did.

I enjoyed “The Holiday Inn”, a mix of rum, banana liquer, pineapple, lime, and soda. It was delicious! I followed that up with a Sake Mojito, called “Collin’s Lawn” and it was another hit! My final cocktail was the “Floridita Daiquiri”, and it was…not my favourite. They have so many great options though, it was fun to look through the menu and pick these unusual drinks that I haven’t tried before.

I loved the menus…a wooden clipboard with a little leather cover. (Yes, my first joking question was “is this vegan?”, and so we all smelled the menus and decided that no, these aren’t vegan- ha ha!) But aren’t they so unique!?

Next time you are in Gastown, give The Diamond a try!

  • It looks like a lovely place to dine & wine! 🙂
    Have a great weekend, Koko!

  • I was just reading an article in the Toronto Star about Gastown. Definitely a place I have to visit the next time I am in Van

  • It is, Sophie! Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend, too.

    Definitely Cara!