Travelling- Part Two

About halfway through our trip we boarded a plane and headed to Nepal where we would spend the next 11 or so days.

Entering Nepal was a completely different experience from Thailand. There were cows wandering on the roads as we rode in the taxi from the small airport to the hotel. There were monkeys, too! On the day of our arrival, we found out that there was a serious decision being made that evening regarding the Constitution. We found people in the streets making artwork about this important event.

We enjoyed more than our fair share of naan bread while in Nepal- we couldn’t get enough! We also tried momo’s, which are dumplings filled with either meat, cheese, or vegetables, and served with a special sauce.

We went to Durbar Square and saw the market. There were plenty of things to buy, and many vendors selling produce. Check out these chilis!

Nepal is an extremely beautiful country, unfortunately there is very little attention paid to disposing of garbage, and/or recycling. I was saddened to see the state of this river in Kathmandu.

I hope in time that the cities can be cleaned up to match the inspiring countryside.

We went to Chitwan, which is a national park. We spent many hours sitting along the river and reading, watching the sunset, and drinking lemon sodas.

We went on an elephant trek throughout the jungle and were lucky enough to pass by these two wild rhinos.

We also went to an elephant breeding center and saw this little 14-day old elephant. It was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

This elephant had a pretty cool hair style.

After Chitwan, we boarded a bus and headed to beautiful Pohkara. We enjoyed Pokhara so much. If I went here again, I would definitely do a mountain trek!

The closest we got to a trek was hiking up a small mountain to reach the World Peace Pagoda at the top. It was boiling hot out but all the sweat was worth it in the end!

Next up….Monkey Temple and our last days spent on the beaches of Ko Samet, Thailand.