VFM Winter Market at Nat Bailey Stadium

VFM Winter Market | Koko's Kitchen

VFM Winter Market | Koko's Kitchen

I know I’m allll the way over in New Zealand, but I had to take some time to talk about the VFM Winter Market with ya’ll. This market held at Nat Bailey Stadium every Saturday, from 10am-2pm has surpassed the Trout Lake market and become the post popular market in Vancouver!

VFM Winter Market | Koko's Kitchen

All vendor sales are up 11% and agricultural sales are up 16%. I get so excited thinking about what this means- people are becoming so much more aware of the impact that buying local and supporting local agriculture has on the community, and the world. I love how farmer’s markets have become so popular in the past couple of years and I hope that this only increases.

VFM Winter Market | Koko's Kitchen

It’s also great to see that a Winter market can do so well. It doesn’t have to be a perfect sunny day to enjoy fresh produce and goods at a market. Brighten up a cloudy day with a trip to the Winter Market!

I had the chance to communicate with representatives from the VFM Winter Market and here’s what we had to say:

Can you tell me what you think is behind the success of the Winter Market?

The Winter Market is the only place for our shoppers to get their local food fix during the winter season. This combined with the growing organic and local food movement in Vancouver makes the Winter Market the perfect spot for Vancouverites to do their shopping.

Have you noticed a change in Vancouverites? Do more and more people seem to be interested in eating and buying local goods?

Our shoppers place a premium on knowing where their food comes from. Buying directly from farmers allows shoppers to know every step of their food’s journey from farm to table.

What kind of vendors can we expect to see at the Winter Market?

The Winter Market boasts many of the same vendor favourites that shoppers see over the summer, from fresh produce farmers, to crafters, to prepared foods vendors.

Can you tell us about the Food Truck Festival in January? Will this be happening next year, too?

All month long we featured double the usual number of food trucks at the market. We took votes for the Best Market Menu Item & Best of the New Recruits. Culver City Salads swept the competition this year, winning both Best New Recruit and Best Market Menu Item with their Thai Carrot Salad. The addition of food trucks makes the markets more than just a place to shop. Visitors are now coming to the markets for a true culinary experience.

When is the last date of the Winter Market?

Saturday, April 26 at Nat Bailey Stadium from 10am – 2pm.

What can we look forward to for this year’s summer season?

This summer we’ll be holding seven different markets across the city (Trout Lake Farmers Market, Kitsilano Farmers Market, West End Farmers Market, Main Street Station Farmers Market, Kerrisdale Village Farmers Market, Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market and Yaletown Farmers Market). Yaletown Farmers Market is our first summer market to kick off on May 1. This year we’ll be holding lots of family friendly events such as Bike Festival at Mount Pleasant Market in June, Berry Festival at Main Street Station in July, and Corn Festival at Kerrisdale Market in August.

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Please take some time to check out the Winter market if you are in the Vancouver area. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, since I can’t be there myself this year!