I don’t know about you guys, but I probably celebrated a little too hard and went to bed a little too late this “Halloween Weekend”. Yes, karma bit me in the butt, and now my cold is worse than it was before. On my day off today, I whipped up this super citrus-y juice to try and give my body a much needed boost of vitamin C. I think vitamin C is so important, especially when it comes to healing the body. Not just from colds and stress, but much more serious ailments, too. I have been fascinated while researching it’s effects on cancer cells when given in high doses through an IV. What a great antioxidant vitamin. I added a couple of kiwis into the juice, too. Did you know kiwis contain as much vitamin C as oranges do!?

You can make this vitamin C boost juice and drink it as is, or you can add a bit of water and dilute it. With a great kick of ginger to help your immune system, you won’t want to miss out on this juice this Winter- especially when you feel a bug coming on!

I added this healthy juice to Keep It Real Thursdays over at Beyond The Peel!

P.S. A couple of you were curious about my Halloween costume- well, here it is! My Zombie Nurse costume (and my boyfriend, as The Driver in “Drive”), and our pumpkins. Rhys carved an amazing Darth Vader, and I carved a weird alien…..

Vitamin C Boost Juice
By Koko, October 31, 2012

A super boost of vitamin C in the form of this tasty juice. This amount will make approximately 4 cups of juice.
Oranges – 3
Grapefruit – 2
Lemon – 1
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Kiwi – 2
Peel all ingredients and put through a juicer. *I don’t usually bother to peel the ginger.