Vote For My Cupcakes!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick request- it would be greatly appreciated if you could head over here and vote for my Starbucks cupcakes. You can vote once per day, and I would love it if you did so. Thanks for you support!

  • Hey Koko,

    I just voted for your tasty cupcakes! Good luck, girl 🙂 Yeah! I will vote agian tomorrow! And the day after that!

  • Thanks Sophie- you rock!!

  • lois carlson

    Love the looks of your cupcake, would like to make for
    my girls at my quilters retreat. What the recipe? Please
    I starting to save my Starbuck holders. lois

  • Right here, Lois! Thanks for the comment! http://kokoskitchen.com/holidays/starbucks-cupcakes/