Warm Lentil And Rice Salad


Time for one more post today! I have had the most wonderful day…for some reason I don’t start work until late this afternoon so I had ALL day to myself- a rare treat! I still woke up early (grrr…internal alarm clock) but I relaxed by the TV for a little while and then pumped some iron to a SUPER CHEESY 80’s workout video- I loved it! I went for a run, too, since it is so brilliantly sunny out. After that, I really took advantage of this cloudless, blue sky and I relaxed in the sun in my BATHING SUIT- in April! Oh man, have I been waiting for warmth! I might have jumped the gun a bit on this one…but it still felt great and I got my tan started!! Anyways, here is a delicious Warm Lentil And Rice Salad that my mommy made for me after a long, late shift at work. She left it out for me so I warmed it up (after I took a picture, of course!) and I really enjoyed it. Am I the only one who loves carmelised onions? This has a bit of a cuban flavor and while the recipe warned us not to use red lentils, we did anyway- rebels! But there wasn’t a problem at all. It said they would be too mushy but I don’t discriminate against lentils that are a little too soft 😉 This is a different lentil and rice salad than the one a few posts ago, but you’ll have to wait until later for the recipe…I’ve got to get to work!