Chestnut Soup

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and I hope everyone got their party on for New Year’s Eve!! I know I did…..hah! I learned that in downtown Vancouver at 2am on New Year’s Eve, it may take two hours to find a cab. I learned that you may have to walk for blocks and blocks while your feet are killing you. I learned that none of that really matters as long as you had fun, dancing for hours with your friends! Now I’m taking some time to figure out what my goals are for this year, and how to make them happen. Did anyone make any big resolutions??

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My latest recipe is for a super delicious vegan chestnut soup. I know, it sounds strange! But it’s really tasty- just a super rich, creamy soup….but best of all, it’s dairy-free! Just a potato, and a bit of cashew cream to thicken this silky smooth soup. I used a can of chestnut puree, but I’m sure that you could substitute roasted chestnuts, or canned, peeled, chestnuts. Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

Chestnut Soup


I’ve submitted this soup for Keep It Real Thursdays at Beyond The Peel. Check it out! Awesome healthy recipes every Thursday!