Seafood Platter At Home

Some of you may know that Fraser and I are ✨obsessed✨ with seafood platters. I think we may have tried every single one this city has to offer. So… for Fraser’s birthday recently, I took a stab at making one myself! I was pressed for time and Daily Catch Seafood on Commercial Drive made it so easy. I preordered a cooked 2lb Dungeness crab and some cocktail prawns as well as a lobster tail. These all came frozen so after pickup I thawed them out. The lobster tail needed cooking and the crab just a quick steam. As it turns out, the lobster needed about 8 minutes to cook, and the crab about 8 minutes to heat up – perfect! Instead of steaming in plain salty water, I added some Pilsner, lemon and orange for flavour. I made some garlic butter for dipping while this was happening with a little squeeze of lemon juice, as well. 

I bought a few pieces of tuna sashimi from a local sushi restaurant and mixed up a little dressing using sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, sriracha, garlic, ginger and scallions. Lastly, I toasted up some bread in the oven to have with olive oil and vinegar. This really all came together quickly and was significantly cheaper than getting a seafood platter at a restaurant. Plus…. The restaurants never give you an ENTIRE crab. Or crab AND lobster. We got the best of everything at home!