I love to travel but I used to let diet mentality get in the way of my experiences away from home. I was constantly worried about how I could squeeze in a workout or trying to skip meals to make up for indulging in some type of food. The obsessing over food actually counteracted all of my efforts to diet and exercise. See: The Binge Cycle

Having embraced intuitive eating over the last few years and reached a stable and comfortable Food Freedom Lifestyle, I was curious (and a little nervous) to see how I would do on my most recent extended holiday. My fiancé and I were heading to England for a month, with a little jaunt to Scotland as well.

Some of the foods I ate on this trip:

  • Fish and chips
  • Ice cream
  • Roast dinner
  • Pie
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Spanish tapas
  • Middle eastern food
  • candy
  • Full English breakfast

How many workouts I did on this trip:

  • One 15-minute ab video on YouTube

Previously in my life, the lack of working out and the foods eaten would have left me with an awful sense of shame and dread. I would have said terrible things to myself in the mirror and I would have been battling between restriction and bingeing.

I am overjoyed to say that this time around my whole trip was an experience of moderation. I tried all the foods I wanted to without guilt. Each day I found movement in the form of walking or the odd bike ride and that was good enough for me! There were some days I overate and felt uncomfortably full (you can’t go to the town of Cheddar and not eat your bodyweight in cheese!) but I still ate my next meal instead of restricting myself and everything was fine. This whole experience was new and profound for me. My trip was so much more enjoyable when I allowed my focus to be on enjoying myself and not obsessing over food.

It is possible to shut off that nasty little voice in your head and to start an anti-diet revolution within yourself. Remember that your worth is not based on your weight. You are so amazing just as you are!

If you are curious about intuitive eating and the Food Freedom Lifestyle, check out my program here.