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Drop Dead Recipes- Breakfast Parfait with Coconut Yogurt and Berry Chia Jam

Breakfast Parfait | Koko's Kitchen | Drop Dead Clothing

Breakfast Parfait | Koko's Kitchen | Drop Dead Clothing

I have to admit…breakfast is NOT my favourite meal of the day! I know so many people love breakfast, and love going out for breakfast on weekends, but that is soo not me! It is always too rushed during the week, and I’m the kind of person who eats sooo slow! And when it comes to going out for breakfast, the options are always slim for vegetarians/vegans or those trying to eat healthy– hello eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns….no thanks!

What I really look forward to is a beautiful homemade breakfast on a lazy weekend day. I always enjoy my buckwheat pancakes, but I think this breakfast parfait with coconut yogurt and berry chia jam might be my new, ultimate breakfast.

I love homemade granola because it’s shocking how much sugar and other yuck ingredients can be found in the store-bought kind. Making it at home really allows you to control exactly what you put in to it…and just as importantly, what you leave out.

I used Coyo Coconut Yogurt in this parfait because it keeps it simple, and i’m ABSOLUTELY NUTS ABOUT COYO!!!! I have offered the option of a raw coconut yogurt recipe, too, though, because it really is quite easy to make and so wholesome.

The berry chia seed jam adds such an awesome element to this parfait. Chia seeds are so healthy and add great nutrients to this breakfast. They also help to keep you feeling full! They make the coolest almost-instant jam, thanks to their jelly-like properties.

Breakfast Parfait | Koko's Kitchen | Drop Dead Clothing

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