Caramel Apples | Koko's Kitchen


It’s October! I bet you all are well into Fall in the Northern Hemisphere- pumpkin spice, leaves on the ground, Halloween not too far away and of course, Canadian Thanksgiving. Well I’m in the midst of a month-long road trip to the South Island of New Zealand! Rhys and I will be doing a 4-day hike, and taking part in all the adventure that Queenstown has to offer. We will be visiting Christchurch, doing some whale watching and so much more!

It happens that we will be travelling in the van on October 31st…so I think for the first year ever, I won’t be dressing up. I LOVE dressing up in costume! I really wanted to be Maleficent this year, but these caramel apples will have to do 😉

I always think of caramel apples when I think of Fall. You can get such great apples this time of year and they are such a customizeable treat. I haven’t had caramel apples in quite a long time, because I just think of the corn syrup used in them. Obviously my version is not a ‘health-food’ by any means, but my aim was to provide an option for a festive Halloween treat without the white sugar and corn syrup. I kept the toppings to raw nuts and dark chocolate, but of course you can use whatever you like.

After several attempts, and I do mean several, I finally found a caramel recipe that I was happy with. It actually tastes identical to the real thing and is just as sticky and gooey and messy- I love it.


Go on over to drop dead clothing to check out the recipe!