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Intuitive Goal Setting for the New Year

Happy New Year!!

I hope that 2022 holds many beautiful moments for you.

When it comes to planning the year ahead and manifesting all that you desire, goal setting and journalling can be such a helpful tool.

I have a few tips and tricks to keep a healthy mindset (free of diet culture mentality) when it comes to dreaming up the year ahead.

I like to create two lists. List one is a realistic look at the year ahead and includes things to do with my work, my house, my relationships, etc. List two is a list of my absolute fucking wildest dreams.

Starting with list one, it is important to release any number-specific weight goals or calorie goals from your list. When approaching goals related to fitness and health, focus your intentions on how you want to feel and not on how you want to look.

For example, instead of writing “I want to lose 20 pounds by May” try saying “I want to feel energized and comfortable in my body this year”.

Instead of working out and dieting like crazy to lose 20 pounds, there are so many things you can do to feel increased energy and comfort in your body. You can break down the goal into steps that encompass physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements.

Goal: I want to feel energized and comfortable in my body this year

Steps to achieve this:

  • get adequate sleep, aiming for 8 hours per night
  • increase my water intake (buy a cute new water bottle!)
  • name something I love about myself every day upon waking
  • unfollow social media accounts that promote diet culture
  • join a dance class because that is the type of movement I enjoy most
  • Set up a weekly walk with a friend to catch up while getting some time outdoors

When writing your list, notice anything that triggers a diet culture thought or pressure on you. Find a way to let go of that narrative and create a new one from a foundation of love.

When it comes to the second list, this is where you can go crazy. I’m talking mansions on a private island, your dream lover, million dollar cheques, eight pet dogs, the best and drama-free friendships you can imagine. Pour it all out and let yourself vibe in the way these things make you feel. I don’t mean long for them, but really visualize that you have it all already and feel how you would feel if you really did. That is the vibration you want to find yourself living in. Watch the magic happen!