Mac 'n' Cheeze | Koko's Kitchen

Mac 'n' Cheeze | Koko's Kitchen
We have a recipe in the family for the best macaroni ‘n’ cheese ever and I usually cave in and eat it if my mom or auntie has made a batch. Buttttt I like my dairy-free cooking, and this mac ‘n’ cheeze could give them a run for their money. I am obsessed with nutritional yeast lately and it’s the secret ingredient in this recipe. It adds such a ‘cheesiness’ to the creamy white sauce that when my boyfriend took this macaroni to work for lunch, he texted me saying, ‘babe…is there actually no cheese in this? It’s really really good’. That kind of text just makes my day! haha.

I’ve kept this recipe gluten-free, too, from the flour used in the roux, to the pasta, to the breadcrumbs. I’m not lying when I say that I have made this four times this week….obsessed.

Check out the recipe at Drop Dead Clothing’s blog!