shepherds pie

Okay okay, today is the day – my video with Chef Michael Smith is here!! What an experience. Thank you to Canadian Lentils and Food Bloggers of Canada for the opportunity and for being there with me every step of the way! And thank you to Chef Michael for sharing his knowledge of cooking, filming and recipe development with me – priceless! So, without further ado, click here to watch me almost cry in front of 8 cameras and then soothe myself with red wine!!

And here’s a little breakdown of what to expect:

0:30 – when I was overjoyed to meet my food network hero!

0:50 – when I shat my pants

1:47 – when anxiety took over and I wanted to burst into tears LOL

2:22 – when I was reunited with my old friend red wine and I knew everything was going to be okay

2:50 – when I could breathe again for a second

3:50 – chef Michael just killin it in the recipe department and helping me make my vegetarian lentil shepherd pie the BEST it could be!! Woohoo!

5:05 – ‪#‎RockTheKitchen‬ smoooooth sailing from here on out!! Thanks for all the great help Chef Michael!

6:10 – oh, we meet again old friend!!

7:44 – somebody call the fire department… Hah!

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