After months of preparation, this weekend we held a surprise wedding shower for my cousin’s wife-to-be. There was plenty of decorating, and of course, FOOD involved. I also made a wedding shower cake, and I will be making their wedding cake in a few weeks time, as well. I thought I would share with you a little of what was served that night.

The spread: curried asparagus bites, tapenade tomatoes, prosciutto-fig roll ups, stuffed mushrooms, goat cheese-peppercorn potatoes, asian noodle salad, mexican salad, spinach salad, orzo salad, roast beef bunwiches, tortellini skewers, chicken wings, smoked salmon crackers, shrimp on melba toast, tomato tart, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and a big veggie platter

The cake was a white cake layered with raspberry curd and chocolate ganache, with plenty of white chocolate Italian Buttercream.

Inside shot:

Look how surprised the bride was when she turned that corner and we all shouted surprise! (She thought she was coming over for a BBQ with my brother and I)

And my mama and I: