This past weekend it was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday party. He is from New Zealand and turning 21 is a huge deal there, compared to here in Canada where 19 is really the big birthday year.

I was in Nepal last year during his birthday, so I really wanted to make this year extra special, and make sure that his 21st was all he had hoped it to be! Of course, I knew I had to make a big ‘ol cake! I deliberated over what it should be like for awhile, but then settled on a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. He is a big fan of Star Wars, and has even thought of getting a Storm Trooper tattoo! I had never made a cake like this before, and it involved a TON of rice krispies, and carving them into a Storm Trooper head…the actual cake is just the round dome on top! The cake was chocolate Kahlua flavoured. I’m pretty happy with how the cake turned out, and I think Rhys was, too! There were some challenging moments during the making of it though, but I pushed through my grumpiness and got it done with about an inch of fondant to spare!

Everyone had a great time at the party. Between karaoke, a unicorn-shaped pinata, a yard glass of beer, foam swords, good friends and family, what’s not to enjoy!?

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