I was interested in using phyllo dough as it’s something I don’t often use. While searching for a recipe, I thought about apple strudel and such, but then I came across a Chocolate Cherry Strudel- different, and delicious-sounding! This dessert was whipped up in just a few minutes- it was SO easy! I got the recipe in the Joy of Vegan Baking. I didn’t change too much, except I used a mixture of dark and semi-sweet chocolate, instead of pure semi-sweet. I think dark chocolate is a bit more diet friendly. I chose to use up a beautiful bag of fresh cherries that I had on hand and I added cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar to the mixture, as well as on top of the strudel. There were also some sliced almonds and crushed graham crackers were some extra flavour and crunch! This was extremely decadent and filling straight out of the oven, but didn’t taste so good the second day. Let’s just say that phyllo was not made for microwaves!