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A couple weeks ago I went out for a belated birthday dinner to Meet on Main in Vancouver. I had never been there before but I had heard a lot about Meet from friends and coworkers. Let me tell you…they were not kidding! Everything was awesome. I loved the vibe of the restaurant with it’s big wooden tables and benches to sit on, funky art work on the walls, and casual atmosphere.

Meet on Main

If you’re looking for vegetarian/vegan ‘health’ food, this is not necessarily the place to go. Although they have some awesome salads and buddha bowls, I think most people go here from the plant-based comfort food, and I think that’s where they hit the nail on the head. Almost everything here is gluten-free, or has a gluten-free option available.

Cocktail | Meet on Main

Ish N Chips | Meet on Main

I shared a couple dishes with my friend because we wanted to try as much as possible. We had heard about the famous ‘ish ‘n’ chips’ – Meet’s vegan spin on classic fish and chips. We had to order it! It’s basically tofu wrapped in nori, beer-battered and fried. It’s served with french fries and coleslaw. I was pretty amazed at the flavour and texture of this dish. What I thought would be a slice of tofu actually turned out to be thinly layered slices, in order to mimic the flaky texture of fish. It totally worked. The batter was great and fried nicely, too. The tartare sauce I could have eaten with a spoon….

Ish N Chips 2 | Meet on Main

Chiggin Caesar Salad | Meet on Main

We also tried the ‘chiggin caesar salad’. I have tried a ton of kale caesar salads and what made this one a bit different was the use of hemp in the dressing, as well as coconut bacon on top. I really enjoyed this salad, and the spicy buffalo chiggin was great. I honestly think that anyone could find something to love at this restaurant.

My other friend had the Santorini salad, and commented that she was enjoying the ‘fake’ feta cheese more than real feta! I snuck a bite and it was a really great salad. And the chili cheese fries….they were kind of a big deal.

We all left with giant food babies, and rolled ourselves to the car. Success! I will absolutely be back.

Meet is located at 4288 Main Street between 27th & 28th

Regular Hours
Mon – Thurs   11 AM to 11 PM
Fri, Sat   11 AM to 12 AM
Sun   11 AM – 10 PM