Today I was bad…very very bad. I definately broke my “Eating Alive” anti-candida diet! I HAD TO HAVE SOMETHING FRESH BAKED. It needed to be quick and it had to be tasty. Nothing is faster than the classic no-mess one-bowl chocolate chip cookie. No matter what recipe is used, I think that you can truly do no wrong when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, so I decided to venture off from Anna Olsen and Dreena Burton and try Terry & Isa’s recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen. I own Veganomicon so I am familiar with their cooking but for some reason I hadn’t tried their chocolate chip cookies! I should have tried them earlier! These cookies are fabulously unhealthy and just what I don’t need, but exactly what I wanted! They have a great texture and I love the fact that there is no Earth Balance or Ener-G Egg Replacer in them. Not that I don’t enjoy those products but it was nice to try a vegan chocolate chip cookie with a texture and flavour of a regular chocolate chip cookie. These were so yummy, and I was sure to savour a couple bites of cookie dough before I popped them in the oven!